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Universal Robots

More accessories

An e-series robotic arm comes standard with a control box, a teach pendant (which 3PE variant is available as an option), a power cable and a connection cable between the robot arm and the control box, as well as detailed documentation.

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With the teach counterpart and the PolyScope software, the UR Cobots can be controlled easily and safely. There are two versions of the software: PolyScope 5 - the standard software that enables any automation, and PolyScope X - which primarily enables automation on machine tools. PolyScope X is particularly suitable for processes with high variance and small batch sizes, as new workpieces can be configured quickly.

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The control box, which weighs just 12 kg, is the central unit for robot control, energy supply, safety functions and communication. Possible communication protocols include Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and USB 2.0, USB 3.

Features & Benefits

The “e-Series”, introduced in 2018, is also very well received on the market - especially because it is “easy to use.”

Safe and collaborative

Once the risk assessment has been completed, it is possible for UR robots to share the work area with people even without a safety fence. This is made possible by 17 safety functions, all of which have been tested and certified by TÜV.

Large ecosystem

UR+ was founded in 2016: A global network of partners, all certified and approved to work with UR robots. This makes it easier to search for suitable peripherals. In 2017, UR launched the Online Academy, which, among other things, offers free training.

Universal Robots

Light and compact design

The UR Cobots are power packs: With a net weight of just 33 kg, a UR16e can move 16 kg payload. This enables floor, wall and ceiling installation and opens up opportunities for automation in existing production plants where space is expensive and limited.

Easy operation and set-up

UR robots are programmed via a teach panel using the PolyScope software. The intuitive GUI enables even untrained operators to achieve quick results. The positions can also be adjusted using the robot's hand guidance.

Unlimited uses

The videos are examples of projects that we implemented with UR robots.

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Universal Robots