Doosan Robotics

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Doosan Robotics

More accessories

A Doosan Robotics robotic arm comes standard with a control box, a power cable, a connection cable between robot arm and control box, a teach pendant and detailed documentation.

Included in delivery

Teach pendant

The DART platform makes it easy to control and program the robots. Apps and simulations can also be created.

Included in delivery


The compact control box is the central unit for robot control, energy supply, safety functions and communication.

Features & Benefits

Doosan is one of the leading providers of collaborative robots. The company impresses with a wide range of products and the highest quality.

Safe and collaborative

With five different settings for the work environment and CE certifications, Doosan Robotics cobots are suitable for collaborative use.

Doosan Mate

Doosan Mates includes end effectors, machines, peripherals, and software that are certified for compatibility with Doosan Cobots. Similar to the UR+ ecosystem, but for Doosan.

Doosan Robotics

Extreme sensitivity

Doosan Robotics' Masterpie series detects force changes of up to 0.2 N and therefore offers the highest collision sensitivity in the industry.

Easy operation

Doosan Cobots are controlled and programmed using intuitive DART software. In addition, numerous courses and documentation are available on the Doosan RoboLab platform.

Unlimited uses

The videos are examples of projects that were realized with Doosan cobots.

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Doosan Robotics