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Rainbow Robotics

More accessories & unique options

The RB series and RB-N series robot arms come standard with a control box, a power cable, a connection cable between robot arm and control box and an optional teach pendant (Samsung Galaxy tablet with pre-installed software) as well as detailed documentation.

Included in delivery


The RB series works with a Linux-based real-time robotic operating system developed by Rainbow Robotics itself. The icon-based graphical user interface is intuitive to use even for newcomers to robot programming. The teaching counterpart is compatible with Android OS-based smartphones, tablet PCs and Windows OS-based devices - expensive and cumbersome teaching counterparts are therefore a thing of the past.

Included in delivery


The compact control box is the central unit for robot control, energy supply, safety functions and communication.


NSF certification

The RB-N series is the world's first cobot series certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for safe and hygienic work in the food and beverage industry.


Integrated pneumatics

All models in the RB series are optionally available with integrated pneumatic lines. There are 3 different options for electrical/pneumatic conduit.

Features & Benefits

With Samsung Electronics as an investor, the young company Rainbow Robotics offers highly innovative cobots at competitive prices.

Safe and collaborative

All models in the RB series are suitable for collaborative use and have the appropriate TÜV Süd certificates. This enables completely new process automation and saves valuable space by eliminating bulky protective cages.

Plug & Play

The robots can be operated via a tablet with an icon-based user interface. No programming knowledge is therefore required to operate it. There are also numerous plug-and-play interfaces to end-of-arm tools available.

Rainbow Robotics

Competitive prices

Core components such as the actuator, encoder, brake and controller are developed and produced by Rainbow Robotics itself. This enables competitive prices (30% cheaper than competitors) with strong performance.

Flexible use

The unique options of the RB series, the wide variety of end-of-arm tools and mounting options allow enormous flexibility of use. In this way, job changes and small batches can also be automated economically.

Unlimited uses

The videos are examples of projects that were realized with cobots from Rainbow Robotics.

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Rainbow Robotics