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Robot trolley for lightweight robots
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Robot trolley for lightweight robots

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The Doosan Mobile Base is a mobile robot cart with space for controllers that is suitable for lightweight robots & cobots.

Designed specifically for Doosan Robotics' M series - But can also be used for other lightweight robots.

The Doosan Mobile Base is an integrated solution that improves the mobility, comfort, and stability of lightweight robots. The system combines robot, controller and handheld device into a single unit and thus enables seamless movement and movement. The robot trolley supports the integration of additional devices such as pallets and laser scanners and offers various storage compartments for efficient tool storage. The advantage of this mobile unit is the easy transport of the cobots from one workplace to another workplace. The Mobile Base is an impressively stable base on which a reliable cobot can work.

On the scratch-resistant brushed stainless steel functional plate, you will find a cornered hole pattern in all four corners. As a result, the robot can be positioned on the left and right sides. The signal tower with teach pendant holder is placed on one side. The height-adjustable handle allows the robot trolley to be stuck into the ground. The high-quality guide extension makes it easier to access installed components and during maintenance. The robot controller and the control cabinet components can be installed in the housing.

The most important features:

  • Effortless mobility: With the Doosan Mobile Base, M-Series cobots can be easily moved between different workstations, eliminating the need for complex disassembly and reassembly procedures.
  • Integrated storage: Thanks to the integrated storage options, the Mobile Base allows the operator to transport tools, attachments and extensions next to the robot. This ensures quick and permanent access to the required equipment, regardless of the robot's location.
  • Stable stability: When the mobile base is positioned, it gives the robot exceptional stability. This stability enables precise work, even when the robot is on a mobile platform or a moving surface.
  • Optimum cover plate: The Mobile Base is designed to be a perfect match for Doosan M-series cobots. The top plate is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and ruggedness.


  • Dimensions: 850 mm x 600 mm x 825 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 166 kg
  • Cover plate material: stainless steel
  • Compatible robot models (without adjustments): Doosan robot models M0609, M0617, M1013, M1509

Detailed technical descriptions can be found under the following link:
Doosan Mobile Base Technical Description

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